"Registered" Adult Partners as Scoutbook "Adult Partners" and/or "Den Admin"

Our Pack has had a lot of turnover with families over the winter, so we re-chartered with only Lion and Tiger Adult Partners so we wouldn’t waste adult registration fees on a Den Leader who was sitting the fence on staying with Cub Scouts. While the Online Recharter application in My.Scouting allowed us to re-charter without a Tiger or Lion Den Leader, Scoutbook is not allowing us to give “Adult Partner” or “Den Admin” permissions to these parents. As a unit who is trying to take advantage of what Scoutbook has to offer, our den parents are unable to schedule den meetings, send reminders, update advancement for den activites, or send emails out via Scoutbook to the den (they can’t see personal info for other den families).

When you clink '“+Add Leader” under Den Leaders on the den screen, there are options under Den Position for Lion Adult Partner and Tiger Adult Partner and then a separate option for Den Admin. What is the “Adult Partner” role in Scoutbook for and how do I add this leader role to a parent who is on our charter roster as “Lion Adult Partner” or “Tiger Adult Partner”? Did BSA change the “Den Admin” role so only a parent with a paid adult membership can use it, because we used to be able to add any parent with a Scoutbook account to den admin role (many hands make like work).



Lion and Tiger Adult Partners are not registered leaders. Only registered leaders can be Den Leaders (or any other position) in Scoutbook.

The Adult Partner role is only there so you know who your Lion and Tiger adult partners are.

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So, to clarify… BSA defines a registered leader as a volunteer who completed the adult application and paid the membership fee.

As such, Scoutbook leader/admin roles are “behind a pay wall” because you have to be a paid adult member to use them.

Many units misunderstand the term “registered leader” since you have to submit adult partner information for Lion and Tiger Scout applications and the committee must submit adult partner names with each Lion and Tiger Scout during the re-charter process.

Thanks again for the help!

Yes a Pay Wall - but also they have to have ypt and go through a criminal background check which adult partners do not have to have.

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Got it! thanks for the clarification!

Registered adult leaders in a unit (pack / troop / crew / ship) also have to be approved by the Chartered Org. Rep. Adult Partners do not.