Remove Unit from my positions

I am tied to a unit, Troop 20 Churchill Academy, in Scoutbook that did not recharter in 2022. I cannot remove myself from this unit as I get the following error message…

Date Ended: Before ending this role, please make sure to assign at least one other user to take your place.

Will someone please clear this for me so this unit will no longer show up in Scoutbook for me? Thanks in advance.

Scoutbook User ID: 39036
BSA Member ID: 125636733

I can clear it @GailAlexander - but first do me a favor - it seems there are 2 other adults with Positions in Scoutbook. Go end those 2 first then see if you can end your admin please

And it is bizarre I see your admin on one screen but not the overall unit screen

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@DonovanMcNeil, I would love to remove those adults for you, but I see no roster, just the old patrol listing with no scouts or adults tied to those patrols.

Yeah I think your admin was like half removed - if you log out it should be gone now @GailAlexander

@DonovanMcNeil, you are a rockstar! The unit is gone! Thank you!

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