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Removing a Duplicate Leader

Hello. I have a leader in Scoutbook under 2 different BSA ID’s whereas he only has 1 BSA ID in scouting.org. How can I remove the leader profile where the ID does NOT match scouting.org, please?


Well the simple answer is end the position of the leader - put an end date in Scoutbook. The question you have to first ask is what account is the user accessing in Scoutbook?

The email address on each account may affect what you choose to do.

SUAC can help if you want to delete an address in an unused account.

Hi Donovan,

I want to remove the one he is using, which is NOT the one in scouting.org, and then get him to accept the invitation to use the account that IS linked with scouting.org.

Will just end dating the position remove it from Scoutbook entirely?

Hi Doug,

Both accounts are using the same email address.

What happened was that I added him manually to Scoutbook before BSA starting pushing accounts from scouting.org to Scoutbook automatically. I created him using his nickname, but he is known in scouting.org under his full name.

@EricParks not that simple depending on how he logs in - I will send you a direct message > look at top right Avatar to find it

@DonovanMcNeil Hi - have a few leaders in my Pack that are showing up twice as well, with 2 BSA IDs. Can you DM me as well how to identify which BSA account the leader is using (for logins and training?) Thanks!

Usually the easy way to fix this is for the individual to log into my.scouting.org > click Menu top left > Click Manage Member ID > one of the BSA # will be there marked PRIMARY > then add the other MID (BSA #) - you want to make the one that is your unit registration PRIMARY (key 3 can find this in my.scouting.org and Member Manager) > Then go to Scoutbook.com and log in using your my.scouting.org credentials

Then for the one with the non-primary MID > end positions and any connections

I tried starting with my record as a test. I cannot merge my two accounts - I get an error that the “information does not match”. I cannot update anything on my profile - it is all blank, and all grayed out. So, I tried to update the e-mail on my main account in Scoutbook, since it shows as changemyemail@scoutbook.com . When I update it, it says another account already uses that e-mail.

It seems the adding member IDs only works if the records are exactly the same, but I cannot make changes to make th information exactly the same.

Help! I want to fix this for me first, then one tech savvy leader before asking everyone to do this. But if I can’t get it to work for me, I’m in trouble.

I’d suggest contacting your council to change the incorrect information and merge them for you.

I have an adult leader who selected the primary ID that our council wanted so that he would appear in our Troop’s my.scouting roster for recharter but he has a different member ID on his Scoutbook account and now he can’t log in to Scoutbook. In the past I would email Scoutbook support for help on things like this because our council can’t help with Scoutbook issues but it looks like there is no longer anyone working that scoutbook support email. Is this the right place to find help for this?


I sent you a private message so we can collect information we need to help. Click on the green circle with white R in the upper right of your forum window.

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