Removing connections from an old unit

My son transferred from one Troop to another, and there was some bad blood involved. As a parent, I want to remove all Connections to all of the leaders from the previous unit. I can’t seem to be able to uncheck the “adult leader” role for any of my son’s Connections.

In addition, I want to remove the MBCs from some of his active MBs so that MBCs from the new unit can be assigned.

How do I do this? TIA

Well first make sure the membership in Scoutbook is ended for old troop. Then you can go to your son’s connections page and you should see an X to the right of each connection

How do I end the relationship with the old unit? Or do I need to wait for rechartering to finish and remove him from the roster?

You can put an end date on the scout’s membership under

My Dashboard → Administration → My Family → Scout’s Name → Scout’s Memberships

You may also need the adult leader/unit admin in the unit to put end dates on any leadership positions, although that might happen automatically when the membership is ended.

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