Report Builder does not report on individual rank requirements, won't export, can't edit report

Four issues, not sure if I should create 4 items or not.

  1. Report builder used to have an “edit” feature, where you enter your criteria, run the report, and when you view the report, you can edit the criteria that lead you to the results. Now, when you run the report, there’s no way to edit the report, and when you go back, you have to select everything again. Not sure why this feature was removed.

  2. Report builder’s saved reports do not recognize new scouts. So, when I run a saved report, it only reflects the specific scouts I chose. There’s no way to say “select all scouts for PatrolX” or “select all scouts from troop”, because when you DO select for these groups, each relevant scout is checked. But if a new scout comes into the troop (either in middle of the year, or when new AOLs transition in), or when a scout moves from one patrol to another, then, you have to change all the reports to include that scout(s).

  3. When you show an advancement report to show scout and all of his rank requirements, it shows current rank and % to next rank - but there is NO detail as to which rank requirements have been earned. I learned through a Facebook support forum that a Chrome extension is required, but that detail is not disclosed anywhere. There ought to be an instruction somewhere on the Report Builder interface.

  4. Even with the Chrome extension allowing to see which rank requirements have been earned, when you export to CSV, that detail is lost again. So here, a definite bug.

  1. Report Builder reports open in a new tab. Go back to the original tab, make your changes and run the report again.

  2. This is working as designed. Use Report Builder Manager to edit existing reports and add new Scouts. I will add an item to the backlog to add support for dynamic den/patrol selection.

  3. The Chrome Extension is not needed for Report Builder. For ranks, there is an option to show the requirements for each rank.

  4. If you select the rank requirements above, the data will be included in the csv.

Hi Ed,

Thanks for the feedback. Some notes:

The report doesn’t open in a new tab (with or without the extension), so, using the browser back button is the only way for me. I’m using the latest Chrome.

I see the rank requirements now, and I don’t need the extension anymore. I did select what you indicated, and I ran previously saved reports. The issue was that all of the rank requirements were displayed as expected, but, each scout’s status on that requirement was blank: the whole middle of the report was blank. With the extension installed, the data displayed. Without the extension installed, it did not. However, now, it seems the latest update is working as intended - each scouts status on each rank requirement is displaying properly, as are my previously saved reports, and I no longer need the extension.

Export is working fine now as well.

Thank you!

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