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We used to be able to go into the roster in and click on a persons name and go to the print drop down menu and select unit advancement details report it should show all of their training, tenure for the past 20 years and what units they’ve been involved with. This now only lets me print the membership card or an Eagle Extension report. where can I find this information now?

In Training Manager.

Where in Training report provides tenure, awards, and past unit/position association?
Asking for a little more information as what I see are attached.


It looks like the report link (“Unit Advancement Details Report”) only shows up when you select one person at a time.

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Yes. I just ran into that. The interface isn’t the greatest as you could have a checkbox selected on another screen and have no idea why they report doesn’t show up.

In My.Scouting there has never been a report that shows tenure, awards, and past positions.

In ScoutNet there is a Person Report which shows that information, but only for the Council running the report (so if you have been in multiple Councils it doesn’t carry over).

I think there is a report that shows that. The report, the “Unit Advancement Details Report”, when run on a single person shows:

  • All past and current positions start date and position end date (tenure in each position)
  • All training
  • All awards that meet the ScoutNet criteria for adults or scouts
  • address, phone, email
  • “Affiliations” such as father of or Tiger Cub Male Partner

Excellent and thank you @Matt.Johnson and @JenniferOlinger Exactly what I was looking for!! Roster Select member then select print then select unit advancement details report. Thank you!

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