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With the new rule about who can go on Overnight campouts we have signed up a couple of Adults and started them out a “Adult Scouter Reserve” as they work on their Training to become an ASM. This was suggested by the Council Registrar to cause issues with Recharter and JTE scores. The only problem I have found is getting a Report for that one Individual on the Training they have completed. So to know when to change their roll to ASM, without asking them to log-on at a meeting for you and showing you what they have completed. I can get a report that shows who in the Troop has completed IOLS or another specific class, but I would have to check all 15 modules individually. How does get this to BSA IT dept?

@ScottHackett - how about in training manager you click on add/search on the left then check mark the person in the list and view training .

The Training Manager at my.scouting has various reports that you can use.

The Trained Leaders report gives you an overview.

You can also use “Add/Search” to select an individual and view that person’s training or you can download a “Position Requirements Report” for them.

The Training Manager also has some report options such as the “Specific Training Course Report” so you can see who has taken IOLS, etc.


Thanks that Worked. I was able to get what I needed.

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The Trained Leaders report was just for their current position, but the Add/Search worked for what I needed.

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