Reports under Internet Advancement Blank at District Level

I’m a District Executive, Scoutmaster and Parent of Scouts. I can select any of my District Units to run a report, but I cannot run a District Wide report. Comes up with a blank screen and sometimes says “error failure to run” or something similar to that. I’ve been able to do the reports before without issue. In the upper corner it will say my District, but I will not have any dates to select or fields to enter information into. I just want to see how many Community Service Hours my units have completed in 2023 without having to pull up every single one and add all the reports together. The only way I can run the report is if I change the upper corner to a specific unit. I’ve cleared cache and tried other browsers, even logging out and logging back in doesn’t help.

@HeatherlynnMoore I have asked the developers to review the access permissions for that report. In the meantime, many of the same reports are available in for council and district level users.

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Thank you so much. I did find access through my.scouting but I remember doing it through Scoutbook so I didn’t realize it was available on my.scouting.