Request Assistance Merging/Correcting Scoutbook Accounts for Parent/Committee Member

@DavidMay you can log into > click Menu top left > Click Manage Member ID > one of the BSA # will be there marked PRIMARY > then add the other MID (BSA #) - you want to make the one that is your unit registration PRIMARY > Then go to and log in using your credentials

Honestly not sure if it works with retired numbers though

I only need one account. I just need to make sure I can access my Den’s records and my trainings. I had to “fake out” the system by tying my work email to one account and my personal email to the other. Let me know which one to use. “davemay8236”

Most commonly, additional BSA IDs are created during either recharter or registration of a leader role to a non-leader parent, or when adults/youth transfer from one unit to another. The most critical steps to minimize this are:

  1. Ensure that the full legal name (no nicknames, include middle initials) is used in all registrations for both youth and adults, including for the adults on the youth application.
  2. Ensure that the birthdates match and get back-checked after registration.
  3. Ensure that email addresses match, or that the ones on existing accounts are updated before a new application/transfer application is submitted.
  4. Ensure that adult leader applications and youth transfer applications include the existing BSA ID for anyone previously registered, and that the aforementioned information matches what’s already in the records. Correct the records with the council first if necessary.
  5. Backcheck new/transfer registrations shortly after they happen so that duplicate BSA IDs and accounts can be caught early, before they start to create large issues.

Unfortunately, as long as we (the users) and the folks entering the data from applications (e.g. council registrar) make mistakes (or fail to make sure our data all matches), this will be an ongoing issue. The only way to minimize the impact is to do both QA on the data submittal and entry and QC on the results after the records are created. Unfortunately, the people best qualified to identify “bad data” in the finished records are usually those of us on the user side. We just need to make sure that we keep our parents and leaders informed about these issues proactively so that they are paying attention to them as the paperwork gets filled-out.

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I am a software developer and this needs to be made simpler.

@DavidMay I set it to user name

Which username? “davemay8236” was 13526833, “” was 13555921

davemay8236 is the one to use

Donovan - Thank you.

@DavidMay you may need to change email in Scoutbook - did not know which you wanted - but that is easy for you to do

Will it allow me to change it to “” which was associated with 13555921?

You should be able to change your e-mail in Scoutbook, because the other Scoutbook account has been retired.

:crossed_fingers: I will try and let y’all know.

@DonovanMcNeil thanks for that advice. I’m good now!

Not seeing any of my Cub Scouts listed.

That is cause your other MID was on the Den Admin account - have a unit admin make you Den admin again and all will be good

Also have a Pack Admin re-approve your Bear Den Leader position. Right now it shows as pending approval.

It appears there were major problems with a merge script that ran on 4/12. Recommend whoever created that script create a new one (script) that will merge those authorizations that were already performed. Otherwise, there will be a whole lot of pack admins doing what you have requested I have one of our pack admins do.

No merge worked perfect @DavidMay - you had an unregistered MID in your SB user - so positions where removed - there was a banner for about a month telling you on every page when you were on Scoutbook that you would be affected

@DavidMay You still need Den Admin role. This will give you automatic connections to all Cub Scouts in your den.

“No merge worked perfect @DavidMay - you had an unregistered MID in your SB user - so positions where removed - there was a banner for about a month telling you on every page when you were on Scoutbook that you would be affected.” Sorry - I was registered.
Your script terminated my Den Leader role on 4/12. I would have been fired from my job if I had run such a script against production that did not roll authorizations from one account to another in a merge process, creating many manhours of work across a large organizaton (i.e. pack admins across the country). Question is it cheaper to create an SQL script that fixes this across the country? or to have pack admins across the country fix it?