Request for Password Reset Email

Hello, My name is Cornelius Griffin and I am the parent of scout who has a valid account in Scoutbook, however, we are unable to reset the password for his account. We are unable to do that because the password reset form requests his DOB. When we enter his DOB, which matches the DOB I can view in my son’s profile, we still receive an error.

This request is to ask if you could manually trigger the password reset email. My son’s account details are:

BSA ID: 127390098
USER ID: 2268555

Thank you very much - Sincerely, Cornelius Griffin

What does the error message say?

Hi there - thank you so much for your response - here are the details my son & I followed:

  1. Clicked on the forgot password link on
  2. Takes me to: My Scouting where I enter the above BSA ID and my sons birthdate and click on ‘Recover Username’
  3. Error Message: “No accounts were found matching the information provided.”

Thank you very much & Sincerely appreciate the help!


The password has been reset to Training1

This is EXCELLENT!!! Thank you so much & sincerely appreciated!!! I can confirm that we are all logged in and all set! Once again, thank you very much!