Request - Tie adults to youth in more obvious ways and vice versa

As a new CC who is not yet familiar with all of the youth and related adult names, the interface is making it a bit harder than it needs to be to cross reference and verify information. Maybe I’m just not seeing it, but if I’m in the Recharter screen, there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to find out what youth(s) are tied to an adult record. They’re not clickable.

Not a huge deal with leaders, because I can go back into the ScoutBook roster and find them there. The issue is more for just adult parents since ScoutBook doesn’t have a good way to CRTL+F those names (or at least I’m not seeing it). Maybe just ScoutBook needs an expanded view where they show all and is findable.

On the Recharter screen, maybe because we’re in a small market, but I don’t need address at all on that screen. I’m not sure what anyone would even use it for actually. I’d much rather have the parent name in that column so I can have a single view with all of the names associated with our unit.

It’s complicated by last names not always being the same. If you’re new to a position and you get a call/text/email from a parent, it can take a bit of digging to find out who they’re connected to. It usually takes leads to a, “Who’s your cub?” or “What den?” question, even if I’m staring at the ScoutBook roster, just because I don’t want to spend the next 30 seconds pecking through guesses of what cub they’re connected to.

Maybe I’m missing something.

There are a few different options in Scoutbook. Here are a couple:

  1. Go to your Pack Roster (or Den Roster) page.
    On the Scout side, click on Show Settings (looks like a gear icon) and select “Show Parents / Guardians”.
    Click “Update” to save.

  2. Go to Pack Reports
    Select Roster Builder Manager
    Click on “Roster” to create a new roster report.
    Under Settings, be sure to select
    Scout Options → Show Parent & Guardians


Perfect! Thank you.

What is address used for during recharter? Just curious why it’s even necessary.

@DavidO I don’t think it’s really used for anything.

I think they just want units to check / update addresses at least once a year. But you can also update addresses at any time at my.scouting. Adults can log in to their own account at my.scouting and update their info.

As Committee Chair, you should also be able to update addresses at my.scouting using the Roster tool. Select a person, then click on Edit Profile. Scroll down to Addresses and add a new one or edit an existing one.

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