Resolution of Duplicate Adult BSA IDs

Hi, can an admin please help us resolve a duplicate ID situation in our troop?

Here is a cut/paste from my email exchange with Emily relating to her duplicate ID issue:

If it helps untangle the mystery at all, it would seem I have two Member IDs

Member ID 13586144 has no connections on Scoutbook but is associated with training I’ve taken on myscouting.

Member ID 13090584 has no training but, in addition to my connections to my son, has full control connections to his old troop, Troop 35, which probably should not be the case.

For context, I was an admin and the Treasurer of Pack 35, so did have an application and background check at that time.

@ThomasArmstrong This should be fixed.

She needs to log in with her my.scouting user name – not her e-mail address.

Thank you, Jennifer.

That has fixed the duplicate BSA ID.

I don’t want to hijack the thread, but now I can’t seem to add her as our unit Advancement Chair.

Is this the correct link: Scoutbook

I keep putting in her member id, but I get the response: No record found that satisfies the search criteria.

I’ve tried with several combinations of Name/Email/BSA Member ID.


@ThomasArmstrong The correct link should be:

The reason you cannot add her is because she is not currently registered as an adult leader. Her registration as a pack Committee Member under 13586144 expired / lapsed on 1/31/2021, so now she will need to re-register as an adult leader.

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