RSVP options do not show up under My Youth Connections

I have noticed that the arrow you click on to get RSVP options does not appear and therefore cannot be clicked for my son under My Youth Connections, only where he appears under Scouts. Having the My Youth Connections section is a great idea to make RSVPing easier, but you need the options to be available from that section.

Would you provide a screen shot of what you are seeing?


Is RSVP turned on for the event?

RSVPs are turned on. I did some looking and it only does this when I am viewing Internet Advancement through my Scouts BSA view for our troop, not when I view as Parent/Guardian. Here is a screenshot of what I get when looking at it through my troop role:

(picture removed by Moderator)

You can see that the character for selecting an RSVP option isn’t there for my son like it is for the leaders in that list.

In case it helps, my member ID is 12352906.

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