RSVP Report - Advancement Sync

In the RSVP Report, at the end of the report it states Advancement Sync with BSA national Database, what does that mean? I would have hoped that camping activities in an RSVP report would sync into Internet Advancement nights camped, but I can’t see that any of the camping activities have synced into IA nights camped.
Is there anyway, besides the duplicate work of entering nights camped into Interenet Advancement?

It means that it is recorded in the national database. Everything in Scoutbook and Internet Advancement that is approved is recorded in the official records.

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@BarbaraRinghofer - there is no direct link between the events and so you enter those in after the fact. This i think works out better as you can customize the attendees and durations.

So if something is recorded through scoutbook, why wouldn’t it show up in internet advancement? Nights camped don’t seem to be connected between the two.

@BarbaraRinghofer - i guess you did not see my reply to this. The operative term is ADVANCEMENT sync. And no the calendar events and IA are not linked.

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