RSVP Reports missing MBCs

A Merit Badge Counselor who is not a unit leader and who does not have a child scout who is also RSVP’d ‘Yes’ to an event does not show up in the RSVP report.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. RSVP ‘Yes’ to an event for a MBC, but do not RSVP ‘Yes’ for their child scout.
  2. Run RSVP Report, showing ‘Yes’ responses only

Expected Result:
All people RSVP’d ‘Yes’ show up on the report.

Actual Result:
The MBC is not shown anywhere on the RSVP Report.

Hi, Joe,

I haven’t been able to replicate this in my unit using Firefox. I tried this for a scout who has both a registered unit-level leader parent and a parent who is an MBC, but not a unit-level leader. I RSVPd “Yes” for both parents, but left their scout’s RSVP as “Maybe”, and the parents showed up in the report as a “Yes”, while the scout showed up as a “Maybe”.

Was there a particular browser under which this was failing? Is there maybe something unique about my test case that’s causing it to work? I don’t have another MBC parent who isn’t also a unit-level leader of some sort to test with.

Is the MBC a registered leader in the unit under a different position? MBC isn’t a Unit position, so they might not be recorded the same way as a unit leader or parent.

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No. They are not a unit leader.


When running the report, only include ‘Yes’ RSVPs.

Ah, good catch. I had missed that setting in your post. Yes, I see the same behavior now.

How do you invite a MBC to a troop activity if they aren’t in the unit?

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The failure in the report occurs when all of the following are true:

  • A parent who is a MBC is invited to an event and RSVPs “Yes”.
  • That adult’s scout is invited to the event and has “Maybe” RSVP status (either default, or switched back from another status).
  • You run the RSVP report and show only “Yes” responses.

The parent who is only an MBC doesn’t show up. The parent who is only or also a unit-level leader does show up in the report.

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In this case the MBC is the parent of a Scout in the unit.

Gottcha. I would rephrase it to be an issue with RSVPs that include a parent that is not a leader in the unit, but is registered as a MBC in the council. :slight_smile:

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