S24 Scoutmaster Specifics

S24- Scoutmaster Specifics is being offered at Summer camp. Is this the same course as the online SM/ASM training modules or is it a different course?

S24 Scoutmaster Specific Training is the classroom version of the online training modules. You have the option to take the online modules or the classroom version.

Please see pages 3 and 4:

However, I think that you might still need to do the online:

SCO_800 Hazardous Weather Training

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Thank you for clarifying! Yes, I have already taken all of the required courses online, along with IOLS in the classroom. I just wanted to clarify on the Scoutmaster Specifics course because one is being offered at camp and the course code caused some confusion. Thank you again!!

I would strongly suggest you ask your council. They are the ones putting on the course.

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It’s possible that they might be attending summer camp in a different council.

Then contact the council offering the summer camp :smiley:

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I did that first. They were unsure. Thank you all.

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