Training Dashboard shows classroom training S24 incomplete


I am an ASM for my troop and I hope someone here could provide me with some guidance/ directions…

When I log in to my.scouting and go to Menu → My Training → Requirements →
“Scoutmaster/Assistant Specific Training Classroom S24” is marked incomplete even though I already attended the physical S24 indoor training class. I have a hard copy of the award certificate of training that I received but not sure what needs to be done to update the status on Can someone please kindly advise? Thank you!

Any one of your unit key 3 (SM, CC, COR) can log that for you in Training Manager at In principle, the course lead trainer should have provided that to the council for entry, but it often gets missed, particularly for out-of-council participants.

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If this is training that was run by your council, then it might be a good idea to wait a reasonable amount of time to for them to add it. Normally, the course director will give the class attendance roster to the council, and the council will enter the training.

However, if the training does not get added, your troop Key 3, Key 3 Delegate, or a Unit Training Chair can add it as @CharleyHamilton mentioned.

The date on that certificate was September 2019. Normally, my council takes 2-3 months, but 2 years…

I didn’t notice the date. LOL! I would go ahead and ask someone with access to the Training Manager at my.scouting to add it for you.

Fantastic! Thanks @CharleyHamilton & @JenniferOlinger! You guys are awesome! I’ll go to my unit’s Key 3, I’m sure one of them will be able to assist me. Have a good one!

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