SB+ den leader-scout connection

A family asked to change dens for next year, so I moved their son to the desired den. The “Connections” on scoutbook did not automatically get updated. I changed this back in classic SB.

This should happen automatically if someone moves into a den

(NOTE: I wasn’t able to test whether or not the Den leader had access to the new scout in SB+. They would not have had in SB Classic regardless if needed for contact info)


When you say connections, you mean to their den leaders?

Correct. So that they can mark off advancements

To be fair, SB Classic was kind of buggy with this too. I would often have den leaders say they were unable to see new scouts added to their den, until someone who was tech savvy enough knew to go into the “Scout Connections” menu

Den Admins are supposed to be automatically connected to Scouts in their dens. But sometimes you have to reset their Den Admin role:

  1. In Scoutbook, go to the Pack Roster page.
  2. Click on the individual’s name.
  3. Click on the Den Admin role.
  4. Click “Update” to save. (Also make sure the box is checked next to “Position Approved”.)

This sounds like the bug…


I’d agree. :slight_smile:

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There is no concept of connections in Scoutbook Plus. Den Leaders, Den Admins, Key 3 and Pack admins should all be able to edit advancement for all the Den’s Scouts in Scoutbook Plus.

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Even better! Thank you!

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