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SB did not update ranks after importing file from TroopMaster to Internet Advancement

I normally record all Scout activities and rank advancements in TroopMaster 2.0 software, then export a file to be imported into Internet Advancement. While SB generated the proper list of rank patches and merit badges to purchase for our Court of Honor, it did NOT update the ranks, which is bizarre since it allowed us to purchase the correct rank patches. How can I fix this??? This occurred for 6 of our boys.

@LindeLiu - I think you are talking strictly about advancements.scouting.org and not scoutbook.scouting.org [that is scoutbook] perhaps some screenshots could help.

Yes, advancements.scouting.org … today it has updated the rank of 5 out of 6 boys. I had to manually update the rank advancement for the last boy although I’m not sure why this was necessary. Other members of the troop have not had this issue with rank advancement.

However, I do have another Scout who attained the rank of First Class back in 2018 and I cannot get Internet Advancement to recognize this. It has him stuck at Second Class and I cannot edit his rank. Ugh.

@LindeLiu What is his BSA member number?

BSA # 124911052
Jake [youth last named remove by Moderator for privacy] attained First Class rank 9/18/2018

@LindeLiu I was able to add his First Class rank in Scoutbook. However, a leader in the troop still needs to approve it.

I do not see anything obviously wrong with Jake’s account. However, I have requested a position sync.

How do I get the approval submitted?
We have a new Scoutmaster but Joe Greenfield is our Committee Chair.

@LindeLiu As a Unit Advancement Chair and a Key 3 Delegate, you should be able to approve the rank.

Do you see the Pending Items tab in IA 2.0?

Internet Advancement pending items

I see it but there is nothing pending…

I do find the Scout listed as a First Class scout in the Unit Roster report, but nowhere else.

Yes, I was finally able to get into this scout’s file and approve his rank position.
Thank you!

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