SB duplicate email log ins

I have a parent with 2 scoutbook log ins under the same email.

BSI ID: 14055364 (also approved leader)
I get “Error: Logged in user does not have access to this API” when trying to see their second profile under the same email address.

Thank you.

Eric Meyer Pack 9439 Chair


I am looking into this.


There are 2 issues that I will fix.

She has duplicate Scoutbook accounts, 2 IDs and her e-mail address is on her child’s Scoutbook account.

She needs to log in using the Google Login button and her google ID. I will merge her Scoutbook accounts and request the ID that does not use Google Login be retired.

I will also remove her e-mail address from her child’s account.

Thank you.

Can i get the parent contacts for this scout merged into their gmail account also?
SB User ID: 12020329
BSA Member ID: 37381636


The first issue is fixed.

The 2nd, the only issue I saw was the parent’s mailing address was not in Scoutbook. I have synced this from the registration database to Scoutbook.

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