SB reporting someone else created account with my email

Hello from Japan!
Somehow wires have been crossed in SB and my profile doesn’t have my photo, info, bio, or children/units/etc. Additionally there is a warning message that someone else is using my email address in SB. I’ve already contacted the registrar and there doesn’t seem to be an issue on their end.

Can you please assist in restoring my account?

Felisa Leppo 137154215 FEC, 129147367 TAC, 133518145 CFL


You have at least 2 Scoutbook accounts, one from FEC and one from CFL. This is not a case of someone using your e-mail address.

We will merge your account later this morning.

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The email is coming from inside the house! I couldn’t resist.

@FelisaLeppo this is fixed for you

Thank you for investigating.

I have had only one SB account, but 3 membership ID’s from 3 different councils as noted above. My eldest son, Isra is also now missing from my account (TAC). Part of my account seems to be restored, but not completely.

This is a new issue as I’ve been using SB since 2012/13 under the single login. TY for the assistance.

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