Warning: another user is using the same email address

Getting Warning that another user is using the same email address but SB otherwise working fine for me.

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@BrendanBligh fixed - just an old user of yours

I am having the same message in SB. However, I can still use SB without issues.

@ShawnHayes It looks like you and your Cub Scout are both sharing the same e-mail address.

I suspect I have a duplicate account. I have a Cub Scout correctly linked to my account but my older Boy Scout is not viewable.

I am receiving the same message. I am not confident that my log-in is opening the correct profile - as I am the Advancement Chair (reflected in the open profile) but cannot access the full troop complement of scouts or enter my Merit Badge counselor information as I once could.

@DavidKlibert Your Scoutbook accounts have been merged.

@BryanHerdlick I sent you a private message.

Hi there! I’m getting the same warning. It could be my Lion that triggered it since the recharter. Can you please confirm?

@CrystalVaughan It looks like you have a Nova Counselor registration under a different BSA member number in the same council.

Thanks for the reply @JenniferOlinger! Is there a way to consolidate this? As far as I knew my NOVA Counselor registration had not been processed yet, so that’s exciting to hear!

@CrystalVaughan you need to talk to your council for that

Perfect - thank you!!

I am getting the same error message. Any help is appreciated.

@JosephPlachinski that is fixed

I am also getting this error message. I assume it is because I likely have a second account somehow - one active, one that is probably dormant. The correct/active one is BSA No.133571327 (user ID 3487610).

@BrendanMerritt this is fixed

A tip of the hat to whom ever came up with this idea. Nice work in ferreting out duplicate accounts.

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