SCO_3011 does not appear in Course Catalog

A new COR is trying to do YPT. He finished part 1-3 . After that the YPT Certification Test does not appear. I searched under my training for “SCO_3011” and “YPT Certification Test” with no results. Why does this not show up as a 4th step so YPT can be completed? Scout ID = 14895786


I looked at my own YPT and only the 3 required modules appear, not the test.

Ed - at the hospital with my wife. I’ll look at this tonight.

I am having the same issue I have completed all three prerequisite modules however the certification test does not appear.

So do you mean you do the 3 videos but the Test does not load?

I think they hid it - many users would go in and just take the test and thought they were done off the YPT page, but it is not there either

@TimothyRogers The YPT Certification Test module SCO_3011 seems to be missing or hidden.

The LMS is going through some software upgrades and we are down at the moment - please try again this afternoon.

LMS is back up and YPT is working.

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Thank You!!! Everyone is happy and our youth are protected.

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