SCO_3011 success not saving

Attempting to complete a renewal of my YPT. All training modules completed (SCO_3008,SCO_3009,SCO3010) today, I’ve completed the test module three times in different browsers/devices (Mobile Safari, Mac Safari, Mac Chrome) but the result never save. Debugging a bit myself and seeing timeouts for many api requests, currently seeing delays and complete failures to load many pages on the training site.

  1. Hardware: Mac and iPhone 14 Pro Max
  2. Operating system: macOS 13.5.1 and iOS 16.6
  3. Browser: Safari and Chrome
  4. Private browsing mode attempted
  5. Member ID 13432859 Northern Lights Council 429


I can confirm SCO_3008, 3009 and 3010 are recorded as complete today.

@TimothyRogers Do you have any idea why SCO_3011 may not be recorded?

Thanks @edavignon. I did just try a 4th time and it saved this time. I guess today its “the fourth time is the charm”

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