Scout accounts login help

I have two scouts that a parent can’t figure out how to invite them to login. They have user IDs, so I thought they might have logins. I can’t send them messages in Scoutbook. Can you help? BSA ID / UIDs are as follows:

132834213 / 6828334
13770787 / 11799815

Many thanks!

@GoodloeWhite if you are that worried about it you need to sit with the parents to do it - there are no accounts

What does it mean if a scout has a user id ? Does that mean they have a login or not?

The Scoutbook UserID is just the Scoutbook unique identifier for the account. Every user in Scoutbook has a unique UserID even if they cannot log in.

@GoodloeWhite - any and all entries in scoutbook be it scouts, parents, guardians and leaders are issued a UUID in the database.

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