Scout and Parent Account got switched?

I have a scout that needs help with his account. I’m going to paste his email here and remove any personal information as best as I can.


Today, when I tried to log into Scoutbook, I was prompted to confirm my user name : xxxxxxxx, BSA ID: 13817658 and email ID: when I logged into my account. After that, when I logged in with my account credentials (scout username), it showed a My Family Page and under it was my name. Now, whatever task I mark as complete, it shows my name as “[dad’s name]” instead of “[scout’s name]”. I believe my dad’s account transferred onto mine and I am confused on how to fix it. Along with this, when I sign into my dad’s actual account, it is not connected to any account and doesn’t show my name. Could you please assist me in fixing this issue?

Below I have attached pictures regarding the issue

Thank You

@MHTroop511KDC this is cleaned up for them


Thank you so much. I will let the Scout know.

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