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Scout Appears to Have Two Accounts

As a parent of a scout, I can access his troop, advancements, awards, etc. I also have access to his BSA number and user ID number. This is through mu scoutbook account.

When my son tries to access his scoutbook account (using his log on information), the account is inconsistent with the account that I view. When he access the account through his log on credentials, there is no BSA number and the UserID is different. Additionally, there are no advancements shown. It appears that his log on credentials takes him to a separate account.

Is there any way to associate him with his BSA numbered account so that he can access the proper account and track his progress, search for merit badge councilors, etc?

Should you need additional information, I can be contacted through e-mail as well.

Thank you,

John Pietrzyk
Troop 26
Three Fires Council
Bartlett, IL

@JohnPietrzyk this has been resolved

Thank you for the assistance. This has resolved the issue.

John Pietrzyk

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