Scout appears twice in Indiana

A cub scout (my grandson) in Pack 399, Council #160, appears in Scoutbook twice. One record is current and active, using the Scout’s full name, the other is not in use and shows no activity. There was a time perhaps last year, where a problem with scoutbook caused oddities and perhaps this is the result.

I am a committee member and have full access to Scoutbook.

How can the non functioning name and file be deleted?

@AlanSlightom you can post SB User IDs and we can look

I’m sorry, I’m not sure what you are asking.

When you look at a scout’s page in Scoutbook (e.g. from the roster), there are two numbers shown below their photo/rank/etc. One is the Scoutbook User ID. Then, right below it, is the BSA Member ID:

Each Scoutbook account will have a unique Scoutbook User ID. They might (or might not for various reasons) share a BSA Member ID for a given individual.

Was able to remove the incorrect file. The SB user ID was different from the correct account.

Thank you for your assistance.

Do you know when the inability to view photos will be resolved?

The photos show up when viewing the individual scout file, but when viewing “My Family” level of Scoutbook, the photos are missing for two of my grandsons.

Alan S.


Try uploading the photos again. I see my kid’s pictures under My Family but they have been in the system for years.

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