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Scout book emails not being receive and calender not visible


My father in law is helping support my scout to activities and events. He is not receiving emails from Scoutbook when the scoutmaster sends them but I do. He also is unable to see the calender of the events. He is online and has done YPT and sees me and my scout as relatives. Could you please help.

Go to your son’s Scoutbook page then click <Scout’s> Connections. Select your father-in-law. Turn on the Parent/Guardian check box and turn off Other Family Member.

Scoutbook does not send e-mail to other family members, only Parents/Guardians. This will also give him access to the unit calendar.

Thank you so much for your help with this.

Leslie Miller

We have another question, he now shows a new profile. He somehow has two different log ins when they merged with google. And the user name and password are invalid. He reset the password recently and has been manually inputting. Is there someone that can help us?

Leslie Miller

Post his BSA Member ID (no names) and we will investigate.

Just the number ID ? #13692377

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