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Scout book wont allow additional electives to be entered

My son/scout is working on additional electives for his Wolf rank, and scout book will not allow any more to be added. We did not have a problem last year as a Tiger where he earned all 20 adventure loops.
I have been trying to get some assistance on this for close to 2 months, and have heard nothing from the people who run scout book. Its discouraging that he cant be awarded additional adventure electives because there is no way to document through the program. Can someone offer some help for this?

So how do you think it is not letting you get more - I just tried and it seemed fine - what are you doing and how is the system responding

How do I think it’s not working? Because I can’t enter any data for the adventure, nor is it letting me pull up any of the adventures to enter as complete.
It’s been like this for 2 months, have contacted support and help desks, and no one returns emails and there is no other way to contact someone to fix this.
We’ve entered all the other adventure loops he’s earned through the phone app and online app with no issues in the past, but since becoming a Wolf his electives can’t be entered beyond the 3 he has earned.

There is zero response from the system. It doesn’t even allow me to pull up an elective to enter requirements.
I have logged all 26 other adventures he’s earned just fine. He becomes a wolf, and it locks you out from entering any more electives past the 3 we were able to enter.

let me setup a screenshare if you have time to better unserstand what you are saying

It would be helpful to see a screenshot of what you are seeing if you aren’t able to do a screen share with Donovan.

A screenshot of your son’s Membership page would also be helpful.

Perhaps this is what she is talking about. Scouting App, iOS version. Usually, when you click on adventures, you see all the adventures to then select and record requirements. Currently, none show up for me. See two screenshots below.

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