Scout cannot access Scoutbook

Both me and my husband have access to Scoutbook.
My son does not have access to Scoutbook using his email and he cannot reset his password.

My husbands Account Number is - ???
My Sons BSA number is - 136779742 and user ID is - 10313411
My BSA number is - 136779743

My question is - is it possible for 3 people to have 3 separate accounts of Scoutbook? My son seems to be able to access through my husbands account but I can do that on my account.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
Husbands log in
My log in

You son needs to log in with his ID Nobby111 and password. If he does not know the password and Forgot Password or the Chatbot do not work, you will need to contact your Council to have the password reset.

ok great. Can three different people have three different log ins?
Why does my husband have my son connected on his dashboard and I don’t?

@SarahButler2 - I see you are looking at the quick nav… please do not rely on that. You need to stick with the actual dashboard within the site. Now on your other question, and if I think I understand, each individual should have their own login and not multiple logins/accounts per individual. Likewise multiple people should not be under the same login.


Can you confirm what email address that ID Nobby111 is attached to?

Thank you, that answers my question about how many people can have a log in.


The e-mail on Nobby111 is your husband’s address. You can log in to the account and change the e-mail address by clicking on down arrow in the upper right corner and selecting My Account.

Your husband’s login is his e-mail address. Your login is sjasjebw.


Great this is helpful.
The Chatbot and the Forgot password dont work because we cannot remember the security questions or even if we set up the questions.
The challenge lies in that we are located in Chiang Mai Thailand and we are a part of the Far East Council (731) and they don’t offer Scout Book Support.
What is the best way forward with this? I do have several Scouts here that I need to try and help with Scoutbook.
Any ideas on how to get this fixed?

If the Chatbot does not work (it does not use challenge questions) you need to contact your council. Any council, even those that say they do not support Scoutbook can reset a password. This will allow you to log in to both and Scoutbook.

YAY, we were lucky and remembered the password after many attempts. How do we change my husbands address to Thailand? It keeps on saying the address is not valid

Any updates on this? About changing the address to a Thailand address?
Also, how do I get a list of all member numbers, email, usernames, etc from our troop? I need to work on getting everyone in the troop set up so parents and kids can both access,thanks in advance

Hi Sarah
If you are a key 3 member (chair, unit leader, chartered org rep) or one of the delegates, you can get access to and get the roster there. It won’t have user names, or emails necessarily, but it can get you ID numbers.

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Please note that email for youth can only be added by parents inviting their scouts. Parent info is also not available from

In principle, your Scoutbook roster should be populating from your official roster, based on registrations. Is that not happening?

Sorted now. The troop master was able to download the list for me, thanks.

See above thread. How do we change the address to an address overseas and not USA?


In Scoutbook, on the Edit Profile page first change the country. This will change the address format.

I don’t know how to do this in

Every time we log into my son’s account using Google SSO we can get in but then we can’t get into my husband’s account after that. It says the account does not exist. I need to go into the profile and reset the SSO then we can get in BUT I can only get into one account at a time.
It’s like they are linked somehow?? I mentioned this before about the dashboard -

I do change the country but I still get the error message above as per the screen shot, any ideas?

@SarahButler2 - the address error you are showing is in I am really not following your issues with login. Each person has their own login and view of of scoutbook based on who they are. And please do avoid thinking that quick nav is where you want to be. Click on My Dashboard when you log into scoutbook.


That looks like a screenshot of Scoutbook’s Quick Nav menu – it is not My Dashboard. Quick Nav shows the pages in Scoutbook that you access the most frequently. It is device dependent.

If they are having trouble logging in, try going to my.scouting and turning the Google sign in off.

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Thanks Jennifer, I have done that and it seems to work. If this is the best fix, I will just log in normally on one account and use SSO on the other account. It seems to be the easiest way, thanks for your help.