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Scout can't log into Scoutbook

@AudreyReed - no it should not have to be that way. I was just providing a way to work around this really odd issue.

This is a widespread problem that needs to be fixed ASAP. It is all over one of the BSA Volunteers Facebook Pages I am on.

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My daughter had the same issue tonight. We could “take the long way” and get in, but something is broken.

My scout is having the exact same issue. I can login in on my computer (MacBook Air), but she can’t login to her account using the same computer and browser. She was able to login last week. Is there any fix or workaround? Refreshing during login is not working.

@CharlotteBull - can she log into advancements.scouting.org then other left hand side click on scoutbook?

Stephen, yes she can login through that link; however, it quickly froze and then gave the same “Whoops … we encountered an error” message.

The developers think they found the issue and plan on pushing the fix to production on Wed night.


We are experienced the same issue where I (as parent and/or leader) can log in, but my scouts cannot. They have been unable to logon for several days now. Scouts were able to logon at the end of last year.

My son is having the same issue. I have no problem logging in, but he can’t get in. I have not seen any updates that is is being actively worked on.

Two posts above yours talks about it being know, worked, and a fix anticipated Wednesday night.

Thanks for the update, William!

My son is having the same issue with his account. Hard refresh worked once but after logging out and login again, he is getting the same error.

Unfortunately, my 2 scouts still can’t get in. We’ve tried multiple browsers, multiple devices, cleared caches, etc.

The same exact issue has been occuring for my son for the last week…and it isn’t resolved yet. The refresh doesn’t work. We can get him into Scoutbook by Internet Advancement on Scouting.org.

@LoriBrodhead - I have had no issues logging my son in on a mobile device and edge on my work pc.

once it fails go to https://scoutbook.scouting.org/mobile/dashboard/ and you will be in

That did work. So now my scout has to do that everytime they log in? Because after I logged them out and tried again, I got the error again.

What seems to be happening is they login but a timeout happens - developers are still trying to isolate it

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Is there any update?

I have an entire Troop of Scouts that can’t log in either. SM and ASM can get in although.

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