Scout "Connection" process took over parent account and connected him to himself? Please help!

My Scout recently bridged from his Cubscout pack to a BSA Troop. The troop asked up to set up his own scout book account via my scout book account. When I sent my son an invite to start his scout book account and connect, he logged in via the link (and with the log in and password) sent from Scoutbook. However, instead of linking him as a scout, it appears that it took over my account rather than creating a new account for him and connecting us. When he logs in with his credentials he now sees the parent account screen which is populated with all of his data except it is still attached to my email. It Now shows his name and BSA member ID at the top of the “Administration” page and shows him connected to himself as his “family member.” When he clicks on his name under “Family member” it shows his information and family connections but this “scout” (him???) has no BSA Membership number associated but has a totally different SB ID number.

When I log in to my scout book account now (which was functioning perfectly just before I sent him the invite) it is now completely blank with no profile info, no connections and no access to edit or advancement. However, my account still has all my correct info.

Basically, it appears that when he clicked on the link sent to him to connect via Scoutbook he somehow took over my parent account and deleted all info connected to my log in credentials. The “scout” he is now connected to (himself) no longer has a BSA Member number.

I’ve worked with our membership coordinator for an hour today and we could not figure out what happened or how to fix it. We reached out to the support email but it is not monitored and it sent us here. Is anyone able to help? Thanks for your time!!

Please detail how you invited him.

Via “edit Etended Information” under the scouts profile in my account. There was no “invitation to connect” located at the bottom of his profile as there had been in the past. Scoutbook then sent him an email saying that I had invited him to connect and gave him a login and password to use and a link to log in.

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