Scout disappeared from roster while I was attempting to move her from Sea Scout "crew" (patrol) to unit roster

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@MichaelKiess yeah seems you ended the membership - should be back in the morning

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Yea, that might have happened. It wasn’t a problem for scouts who were dual registered. I would put in the end date for the Quarterdeck patrol and then remove the end date for the unit membership. How do I move a scout from a patrol back to the basic roster? Thanks for your help!

From their membership, is there a button that says reassign crew? If so, you’d select that and pick the “no crew” option.

I didn’t see a button like this. I’ll check again and post screenshots of what I see.

I have another scout that I want to move to the basic roster from the Quarterdeck crew. Here’s a screenshot when I attempt to reassign the scout:

Take a look one level up in the Memberships listing. For my son, Reassign Patrol appears on his “Scoutname’s Memberships” page, not inside the individual membership listing.

ETA: Not sure why it has his tenure listed as 10 years. I’m guessing it includes his time in Cub Scouts?

@MichaelKiess -the best method to move the scout is to go into that sub unit or patrol and under the scout list is the reassign patrol button. The membership method as you have discovered is not good when you end memberships.

It doesn’t give me the option of moving the scout back to the basic roster. I don’t see any way to do it except by changing membership dates (which I can do for dual-registered scouts, but not single-registered scouts).
Here’s another screenshot. I’m the unit leader, BTW.

Charley, when I click on the “Reassign Crew” (or “Patrol” in your case), I get the screenshot I posted above. Reassign Crew dialog box is displayed but there is no “Crew” listed to assign my scout to and the “Reassign” button is greyed out.

Stephen, there is no option available to reassign that scout to the basic roster (not in a crew/patrol).

There is no “No crew” selection available.

Sounds like that functionality may not have been properly extended to ships. We will need to investigate some more.

In the meantime, did they show back up?

Steve came up with a workaround. He added a second crew and then the button became active with the second crew and “No crew” available.

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And, yes, my scout is back on the roster.

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Oh, that’s good to know that the options don’t appear if there is only one sub-unit defined.

Yep. Bug with a workaround.

@MichaelKiess - thank you for pointing this out and being patient as I working on the issue with you.

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