Scout disappeared from Scoutbook after crossover

I’m having a devil of a time this past week with one of our crossover youth from our Pack disappearing from Scoutbook.

(no names please) 137282554

She crossed over in February and I transferred her via the my.scouting transfer in tool. Everything was fine until a couple of days ago where she disappeared from Scoutbook. I found that she had been moved back to our Pack roster in my.scouting, but didn’t show in either unit in Scoutbook. I reinitiated the transfer in process. After a day, she didn’t appear on the Troop roster or anywhere in SB, but showed up as a pending youth application in application manager?! The next morning she was on my Troop roster in my.scouting and not the Pack. In Scoutbook, her profile was only visible from the Pack page, but when you open her profile, she had a toggle for membership in both the Pack and Troop, much like my youth in a Troop and Crew and Ship have toggles. On her membership page, it had her membership in the Troop ended by Scoutbook on May 1st for some coded reason I didn’t understand, and a new membership in the Pack and the Troop, both started May 4th. I ended the new Pack membership as of May 4th. On her new Troop membership line, I clicked “reassign patrol” to put her back into her patrol, and then her profile was no longer visible to either me or my wife when she logged in separately. The weirder part is that on the Troop Roster and Patrol Page, the number of Scouts went up by one (to 6) as if she was still in the patrol, but we can’t see her profile. In connections manager, she is listed and my wife and I have full admin conection to her.

Please help fix whatever weirdness is going on here.

@BryanBlair she is sitting in the Slytherin Patrol

We still can’t see her. I logged in on a completely different computer and on my iphone, and my wife also logged in as well on different devices. The patrol count says 6, but we see five girls. She shows in connection manager as being in the Troop and full control connection to admins, but we can’t see her profile. Curiously enough, if we do a quick entry for a rank requirement, we can select her and (hopefully) enter advancement. Not sure what the disconnect is.

go to a different patrol and try to reassign her to the new patrol to see if it resolves it

@BryanBlair we THINK she was in the troop with the coding of a Cub Scout or something. We ended the position in Scoutbook and have setup a sync to Hopefully fix it. You could go to My Connections > Find the Scout and give a new membership - do not use the old one

That seemed to fix it. Hopefully it stays fixed :wink:

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