Scout Disappeared from Troop

I have a Scout that moved to the Troop from the Pack in Scoutbook successfully. This Scout was placed in a Patrol and all was well. Another leader clicked on the Scout and she disappeared from ScoutBook. She did not show back up on the Pack side. I checked the Troop roster in my.scouting and she is on our roster, just not working in Scoutbook. I tried to “Add A Scout” and she is there now, but I get a yellow triangle and a message “has not been matched with a Scout in your Units official roster. Please check with your council.” Folks in the Council office have not been able to make any progress.


@JeffreyHanning I think you created a duplicate Scoutbook account when you tried to add her back. I have merged her Scoutbook accounts and requested a position sync.

Thank you!!! That’s awesome. Its all good now. :slight_smile:

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