Scout Disappeared from Scoutbook and I cannot change his Date Ended


I have a scout who disappeared from Scoutbook. I have confirmed that he rechartered and is not with any other pack. He wants to be in our pack. I went into my connections, and it will not allow me to change his end date. Some information you should know:

  1. He has one active account because I accidently created an account when trying to find him. This is the account I recently created and does not have any achievements attached (13032928)
  2. From what I can tell, this is his membership with achievements (12673388)
  3. When I go to my connections and try to change his end date, I see this on the optional notes, “DateEnded by SP ExpireInvalid YouthUPsCreatedinSB after 60 day Lapse”
  4. He is active and participates in camping, etc.

He is a Webelos II and wants to participate and move forward with his AOL this week. Thank you for your help.


@NicolasQuintana this should be fixed now

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Thank you very much!

@DonovanMcNeil There is a small problem. All of his achievements are not linked to the account that is currently in Scoutbook. Is there a way to Synch what he had in the past to show all of his awards and achievements?

@NicolasQuintana what do you mean by achievements? I need more specifics. Are you talking about completed Ranks? Requirements?

Yes, everything that he has completed in the past to include past ranks, requirements, awards. I will check with his leader and dad to see if they have all of that information. It would just be easier if there was some way to merge everything that he has completed. I know there will be a lot of updates needed for his Webelos II since it wasn’t entered because he was not on Scoutbook. I appreciate your help.

There are like 4 accounts and there are VERY few advancements in any of them

Hi Donovan. Thank you. We looked at it yesterday, and I saw that he did not join as long ago as I had thought. We will update what is in there. Thank you for your help.

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