Scout doesn't get emails

I have a parent not getting emails from Scoutbook, can anyone help with that? 2472212

Have you or a unit admin/Key 3 checked in the Scoutbook messaging interface to see if they are set as No Emails? If so, only the user can fix that. They have to login to Scoutbook, then go to:

My Dashboard → Administration → My Account → Email

In the top right corner is a slider. Toggle it to the left so it turns gray.

We got that instance solved. Scout hadn’t signed in but had an email address listed so there was no “invite” button for them. Solved by having them go in through

Thanks for the help!

Another one. 14628479 has an email listed and it is correct. He doesn’t show up in our messages list. He does show up in our roster.


The Scout needs to log in to Scoutbook one time to appear in the To: list. The Scout’s ID is firstname.lastname

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@ReidHollander - seems like the same as this one