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Scout Emails through ScoutBook

I am the Scoutmaster for our troop. When I go to send a message (email) through Scoutbook all of the leaders and parents show up but only three of the Scouts show up for me to select to be included on the email. What can I do to have all of the Scouts show up on the email list?

@JamesSchoffstall - the parents need to invite their scout via edit profile.

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To elaborate on @Stephen_Hornak’s response, only those scouts whose parents have invited them to connect will appear in the list of potential recipients because the other scouts don’t have an email address associated with their accounts. The only way to associate an email address with the scouts’ accounts is for the parents to invite them to connect. That email address must be unique, since scoutbook requires unique email addresses for every account (youth or adult).

There are instructions on how parents can invite their scouts to connect here:

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