Scout has two parents, listed, they are the same parent

BSA 134475124 SB 9190580 has two scouts in our troop. When you view the scouts you see two names under parent/guardians. They are the same person. He needs to use the account with him as an adult leader. How can we correct this?

@MelanieRestivo that is fixed - the email login is now turned off - the username login is the one to use

We have another parent with two profiles.
Please take a look at SB 5175574 BSA ID 134473619. He has youth in two units. That should be the profile to use.

@MelanieRestivo that is fixed

The adult in question should be using his profile that shows a Plainfield IN address. The family did not recharter the younger youth. He only has one son in the program now. I think I may have asked you to delete the wrong profile.

Well I kept the one the user had a chance of logging into - the user has never logged in that I see.

@MelanieRestivo I have synced the parent’s address from my.scouting.

@MelanieRestivo It looks like the parent has opted out of e-mails from Scoutbook.

They can opt back in by logging in to Scoutbook and going to:

My Dashboard → Administration → My Account → Email

Then slide the “Messaging Opt-Out” toggle so that it is off.

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