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Scout in Scoutbook, Not in Internet Advancement

I have a Scout that joined the Troop this year, and he’s been in Scoutbook for a couple of months, but he does not appear in Internet Advancement, so I can’t record his activity logs.

Start by having a key 3 check if the scout is listed in my.scouting member manager. If not, they are not registered.

So, he’s not there. How do we add him? We turned in his application to the Council, and they added him to Scoutbook. Is that not registering?

I imagine someone in the unit added him - you need to talk to council to see where the application is

If the Council registered the Scout, he would be in Member Manager at my.scouting.org. Councils do not add Scouts to Scoutbook. They are added to Scoutbook either by a unit admin or by Member Update once they are in Member Manager.

You will need to contact your council.

e-mail sent to our Council, but no one in our Unit has ever added a Scout into Scoutbook. They just appear once Council approves their application.

Interesting. For future reference, he appears to have been registered, but not paid.