Scout Linked to Wrong Council

I have a Scout who joined our Troop because of a friend on 9/1/21. He used to be associated with the Pack that is sponsored by the same Charter Organization. He then moved to New Jersey and after a few years came back to our area.

When he joined Scouts BSA (he was only ever a Cub Scout before) in our area, our Council used his old membership number from when he was a Cub Scout here. Our council does this quite frequently.

We always wait for Council to process applications so they activate and Scoutbook accouns for us.

His Scoutbook Membership tab shows his membership as being in our Troop in our Council in the right patrol. It also shows his tenure in both the Pack from here and his Pack in New Jersey.

His Scoutbook profile shows the Council of Garden State with his old address and a joined Scouts BSA date of when he joined Garden State Council as a Cub Scout.

On top of things he isn’t in our roster. Our Council shows him in our Troop when they print their records. They do not know why any of this is going on.

His numbers:

BSA Membership Numbers by Council:
Current: Council 082 # 132545054
Previous: Council 690 # 12674437

Scoubook User ID Numbers by Council:
Current: Council 082 # 6658955 (created 12/28/18)
Previous: Council 690 # 643818 (created 10/29/15)

I cannot edit his Council or District under his Scoutbook profile as they are not an option. However, his membership & user IDs are correct.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Jason Huggins


The Council listed in the Scout’s profile must be manually updated by editing the Scout’s profile. I was able to push his address from Akela to Scoutbook but I have no way to change the Council.

The Scout’s membership in your troop ended on 12/31/21. It appears that your recharter for 2022 has not been processed as your last membership ended on 12/31/21 as well. The difference is your membership still has the IsCurrent=Yes flag while the Scout’s membership has IsCurrent=No.

The BSA member number that I see for this Scout in council 082 is:


In order to update the council and district information on the Edit Profile page, you first have to update the address – especially the state and zip code. Ed has already synced the address information, so you should be able to update the council and district now.

Edited to add: You will also want to update the Scout’s “Date Joined Scout’s BSA” to reflect the date that he first joined the Scouts BSA program. This date is used as a way to filter out Cub Scout camping and other activities.

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