All Information Disappeared

Was using Scoutbook a few hours ago to enter requirements for my scouts during our campout, then all of a sudden all of my information disappeared. Scoutbook does not recognize me. I’m unable to connect to my son. My Account is blank and does not have any of my multiple positions, BSA number, etc. In addition to my troop, in working with many scouts across the country on merit badges. Help!

@DawnAnnDykes - what does it show for you when you log into ? Click on My profile there and scroll down to registered positions. Also, just above that will be your BSA ID.


You have current registrations in 2 Councils. You are registered as a Merit Badge Counselor in Daniel Boone Council and as a Merit Badge Counselor and Scoutmaster in Central Florida Council. This causes problems because Scoutbook only supports 1 BSA Member ID (MID) per account.

Basically what is happening is the system is switching your BSA Member ID on your Scoutbook account whenver one of the Councils makes a change to your record.

The reason you see a blank account is you logged in to Scoutbook, the MID on you ID did not match Scoutbook so the system generated a new ID for you.

The system works best if you are only regsitered as an MBC in a single Council. The Guide to Advancement allows a Scout to work with any MBC. You do not need to be registered in the same Council as the Scout.

We can fix your accounts but need to know your plans going forward.

For the moment anyway, it does show my correct registered positions and attachment as scoutmaster to my troop. It does not list the individual merit badges I counsel for

Central Florida is my home council and where I do 95% of my scouting efforts.

Daniel Boone started a new process and said they could only allow me to teach online with them if I was registered in their council

Thank you’n


Daniel Boone Council is violating the Guide to Advancement if they are not permitting Scouts to work with MBCs registered outside of their Council.

I can switch your accounts back but if DBC makes any changes to your record, including renewing your MBC position there, SB will be switched back and you will run into the same issue.


@DawnAnnDykes - i would recommend that you cease working with that council

If you can switch this back to central Florida, this would be fabulous!!

I do not want to cause any problems. I will follow up with DBC to let them know not to process anything for me in their system.

Thank you!!!

They permit their scouts to work with any MB counselor. They just wanted me registered under them and they did their own MB counselor application to revalidate what I’m approved for so I could lead merit badges through their virtual offering on behalf of DBC.


I have fixed your Scoutbook account and added your DBC MID to your ID.

@DawnAnnDykes - your statement is contradictory. They are not allowing the scout to work with any counselor from anywhere. They are restricting to registered in THEIR council. I would not participate if they are forcing a registration in their council

THANK YOU!!! You’re awesome and a lifesaver! Have a wonderful night!

MBC is a counsel position. If he is willing to work with Scouts in those two (and only those two) counsels, what needs to happen for him to show up in scoutbook for DBC Scouts?

@JeffreyDunnam you can only isolate an MBC to one council in SB - not 2 - otherwise it is worldwide.

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@JeffreyDunnam - and for accuracy the entity is a council and the position is counselor

That is not accuracy, that is typo.

Given Donovan’s answer, how would one be linkable in Scoutbook as an MBC in exactly two councils without registering as such in each council?

@JeffreyDunnam - if you set your MBC status to worldwide… you can be searched for from any council or location.

Yes, which is not what is being asked. Exactly two councils is not the same thing as “any council or location”.

@JeffreyDunnam - you should not need to be linked to any other council. Just be registered in your own council and be searchable worldwide

@JeffreyDunnam - the guide to advancement states that a scout can work with any MBC for a particular merit badge