Scout login/password pulls up a different Scout

My Scout logs into his Scoutbook. I am watching him. He is using his personal login and password. When he logs in with his unique info, it says that he is a completely different person. It does not give any of his info. He has full access to someone else’s profile. Fortunately my Scout is honest and alerted me right away. I need this fixed asap. I’m concerned that someone may have access to my minor Scout’s personal info as well as his Scouting record. My Scout has not touched the other person’s record as he backs out immediately. I’m concerned about my Scout’s personal info as well as his advancement record.

This happened last year as well.

I see the issue @EricaWheeler1 give me a few

@EricaWheeler1 this is fix and reported in for investigation

@EricaWheeler1 here is my question to you - the BSA # for the other user is the same as the Scoutbook User ID for your scout - did you or scout try to add that number (Scoubook User ID) to > Manage Member ID?

We didn’t do anything. My guess is that the other person did.

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