Scout membership partially missing in Scoutbook, despite correct records at Council

One of our Scouts is missing one of his Cub Scouts years entirely in Scoutbook membership. The year before and the year after are both listed correctly. Our Council shows that his membership was continuous as far as their records show, and they don’t know how to correct Scoutbook. As an Admin, I tried to add in the missing membership year, to satisfy the parents’ desire for accurate records, but I got the following message:

“This Scout was not registered in the unit withing 90 days of being placed on the Scoutbook roster. Contact your Council to register the Scout.”

The missing membership record should be:

BSA# 133643414
09/01/2017 - 08/31/2018
Tiger Den
Pack 0060
Santa Clara Church of Christ
Oregon Trail Council

I can provide a copy of his membership record which was sent to me by Oregon Trail Council, if requested.

We do not believe what you are asking to do is possible because the Scout is now registered in a Troop. Past Scoutbook membership is not important as the database of record for membership is Akela and I do see his membership in 2017/2018 in Akela.

I sent you a private message. Click on your icon in the upper right and then the envelope to view it.

For anyone else who has this problem, here’s the final answer I received: The Pack had not used Scoutbook that year, so there’s no way to add in the Scout’s membership in the membership section of Scoutbook after the fact for that year. However, his membership that year is recorded with Council, which is all that really matters. And for the parents’ peace of mind and for the sake of recordkeeping, they can access the dates and details of his “missing” cub scout year by clicking the Scout’s name, then clicking “reports” (at the very bottom), and then Cub Scout History Report. The dates and ranks are all there. All except the name of the pack(s) he was with.

Thank you, Bill, for your help with this.

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