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Scout Missing and Linked to wrong Parent

I have enjoyed the IOS Mobile App for years to track my son’s progress, log miles hiked, conservation hours, and nights camped. I successfully used the app as of mid-Feb. I logged in today and was shocked when my son a Tiger scout was missing. I went through the process to add a scout but the app states that my son is now associated with BSA# 2748826 which is a low number and not even a member of our Pack. I have no idea who to contact to fix this issue.




Send an e-mail to scoutbook.support@scouting.org with as much detail as possible including your son’s actual BSA Member ID and the ID you posted above. You will receive an automated reply with an SSD number in the subject. Post the number here and I will ask to have the issue investigated beyond what Member Care will do.

I have the same issue and will send an email to the above link.

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