Scout Missing From Scoutbook and

We have a new scout that is no longer showing in Scoutbook or It seems that he disappeared from our roster about a week or two ago. - #133183162.

I see him in pack 211. What is your member ID and unit position?

He has never been officially registered in the Troop he needs an application

I see he was moved to a troop but not registered in the troop so the system moved him back to the Pack.

Have the pack committee chair, parent or cubmaster, log into and use the Roster tool to move the Scout to the troop. See the instructions here: Transferring from another unit in the Same Council | Scoutbook Knowledge Base

Or have the parent fill out another application and submit it to your council to move the Scout to your troop.

Ok. I’ll request his application from our committee chair and proceed with transferring him again. Once that is done, I will have his application submitted so we don’t run into this again. However, I’m pretty sure his application was already submitted to the council.

You could try reaching out to your council registrar to see if they have the application and just haven’t processed it yet.

Good thought. How do I find out who our council registrar is?

should be listed under staff at their website

I found someone that has “membership services” as their title. I’ll reach out to her.

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