Scout transfers from Pack to Troop seem lost

Hello, I’m registered as an Admin for both our Pack and BSA Troop under the same CO. Back in March, I moved 5 scouts from our Pack’s AOL den to our Troop’s new scout patrol. All 5 seemed to be there in Scoutbook, but now when I look, 2 are missing. They don’t show up on the Pack’s roster, and they don’t show up on the Troop’s roster, either. I don’t know their BSA membership ID, and doubtful their parents know, either. What can I do to resolve this and get them in Scoutbook under our Troop?

Have a Key 3 member check the roster in my.scouting.Org. Chances are the missing Scouts were never registered in the troop. If they are not registered you will need to work with your council to process the transfer.

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