Scout not Showing in SB, is in my.scouting

I have a new scout who is not showing in Scoutbook (it has been well over 48 hours). She IS showing in my.scouting roster. I have checked everywhere in Scoutbook and she is not there. Not in a den, not not in a den, not in my connections (I am the CC and keeper of all things SB). Council/District say that she is in SB, but she no where to be found.
Additionally, her mom’s email address somehow became associated with the scout, so I cannot add the mom’s email to this scout’s sister. I also need the mom’s email unassociated with the scout because mom is going to be the Bear leader so will need her email back.
Please help! No one at Council/District has been able to figure out what is going on.

Post her BSA Member ID (no name) and we will investigate.

BSA# 137365379

Thank you.

She is in the Webelos den and connected to you. I removed the email address from her account.

She is not in the Webelos den. She is supposed to be in the Webelos den but is NOT showing there. I just logged in and checked (both Webelos dens). I show 9 scouts in that den. The den leader also does not see her in that den.
I did try to manually put her in the den last week as suggested by my DD, and it had her there for a day but then she disappeared again because she apparently had two accounts then, so council merged them.

I sent you a private message. Click on the brown circle with white G in the upper right corner of the forum window.

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