Scout not showing up in scoutbook IA

@MarkLavallee @JohnPoprac go to Scoutbook > Roster > click on Scout > Membership > Click your units membership > does it say anything in the NOTES field?

#2 - I guess the BSA # in Member Manager and Scoutbook are the same?

OK here is what I think happened here after talking to @JohnPoprac

The BSA # for the Scout is different in SB and MM - so IA2 does not know who to match it up with. Perhaps the Scout was in SB before and Member update made a new scout with the other BSA number that someone erased.

But an email with all the data (both BSA #s) to should wrap it up for you.

Email sent. Thanks to everyone for helping.

I’d also suggest emailing your council register to merge those two bsa member numbers. I suspect they may have had one as a Cub Scout but a different one as a Scout. Either way, it’d be good to have your register clear up which one they want to use going forward.

Mr. Poprac reaches the limit for new users, I’m sure I will shortly as well. He asked me to paste this:


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